Recent wild fires caused many insurance companies to reassess which homes they will continue to insure. It is becoming more and more common for insurance carriers to drop home policies when the property is located within 2500 feet to fire hazard/brush areas. Once your home’s location is identified as a high exposure risk, your policy may be canceled, regardless of how long you’ve been insured with the same company.

California residents that are buying or own property near brush or in wild fire zones may find it difficult to get cost effective home insurance. Assure Insurance protects homes, condos, townhomes, renters, landlords and rental units in high brush and wild fire areas. We also specialize in escrow closings with properties in high brush regions and work directly with your lender and escrow officer to make sure your escrow closes on time.

Most insurance carriers will decline your property if you’re within 2500 feet of canyons, brush or a wild fire area; Assure can provide insurance to homes that have 50 to 100 feet of clearance to brush.

How do insurance companies define “BRUSH”?

Brush is any live or dead bushes, shrubs, thicket, trees or other vegetation near your home or property. This brush can potentially light on fire, burn and/or fuel a wildfire.

About 30 years ago, a large fire was considered to be about 20,000 acres. Today, it’s common for a fire to be over 100,000 acres. Due to wildfires, global warming and arson, fire season is year round, causing insurance companies to re-evaluate which homes they’ll underwrite. Once an insurance company identifies your home as a high risk location, you may be denied coverage or your policy may be canceled; this can happen regardless of how long you’ve been insured with the same company. Californians living in high fire areas are sensitive to the fire risk if their homes are in close distance to brush.

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