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What is wildfire insurance?

Wildfire Insurance is regular Home Insurance – just for homes in areas with a high risk of wildfire outbreak.

We also offer Earthquake Coverage.

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Earthquake insurance

Better Protection, Better Deductibles

Insurance coverage for earthquakes is generally not included in standard homeowners or renters insurance policies. If in the event of a major earthquake your family couldn't afford the cost of rebuilding or major repair, it might be time to consider Earthquake Coverage.

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Why Lighthouse?

If you live in or own property near a wildfire zone, it’s hard to find Home Insurance that will cover you. With wildfire’s increasing in recent years, it’s even harder. Some homeowners are even finding their carriers are making excuses to drop them, or are raising premiums as high as 30 to 60%. But those carriers aren’t Lighthouse.

At Lighthouse Risk & Insurance Solutions, our coverage is specifically designed and tailored to place wildfire exposed homes and high value homes. Unlike typical policies that will only insure homes with 2,500 feet of brush clearance, we go further, insuring homes that need it most and only have 50 to 100 feet of brush clearance.

Why Lighthouse?
What is Brush?

What is Brush?

Brush is any live or dead bushes, shrubs, trees, thicket, woody plants, pinecones, downed branches or vegetation around or near your property that can potentially light on fire and act as fuel for a wildfire.

Home Policy Cancelled due to Wildfire risk?

Home Policy Cancelled due to Wildfire risk?

A recent increase in wildfires means thousands of policies across the country are getting cancelled or reassessed as insurance providers look for ways to leave wildfire homeowner’s risks behind. If your home insurance has been dropped, is at risk or has been deemed “uninsurable” due to high wildfire risk, we can help.

Increasing Premiums Due to Wildfire Risk?

Increasing Premiums Due to Wildfire Risk?

Stop accepting absurd premium increases from your insurance carrier for your high risk fire home. Instead, make the switch to Lighthouse – we’ll get you better coverage and help you reduce costs or keep your current premiums as is.

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As Southern California Fires rage on, here’s how you can prepare, prevent & protect

POSTED: December 07, 2017
By Tim McGrath

Nearly 200,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to fires in the greater Los Angeles area. From the small snapshots and videos viewed through TVs, phones and computer screens across the country, the fires erupting throughout Southern California look like something out of a post-apocalyptic horror film. Smoke so black it looks like night. Entire mountain sides painted red with flames. Homes on fire, people running – all while firefighters work without sleep in a race against the wind.

About Lighthouse

About Lighthouse

An Acrisure Agency Partner, Lighthouse Risk & Insurance Solutions delivers superior service to clients requiring cost-effective solutions for valuable and personal asset protection through our strong relationships with our highly-rated carriers. Through our relationships and experience, we are able to provide you with exclusive and highly competitive insurance rates you won’t find anywhere else. For insurance solutions for wildfire and beyond, contact Lighthouse. We’re dedicated to saving you money, while providing the best protection possible.

Meet Our Wildfire Specialists

With years of experience helping homeowners get the right coverage in high risk fire areas and beyond, our Wildfire Insurance team consists of:

Terry L. Briggs

Sr. Program Manager

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Sarena Wold

Marketing & Program Manager

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